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"Mama Mia" - Mother's Day Basket

"Mama Mia" - Mother's Day Basket


Scented Lotion

Face Mask

Journal w/ Pen

Fake Flower Bouquet

Teddy Bear

Candle: Scented candle, Crafter’s Choice.

Button: Custom button

Tumbler: 20oz Tumbler with Mother's Day quote and straw with lid included.

Card: Nice store-bought card with customers name on the card

Mom Wall Decor: Nice and esthetically pleasing wall decor.

Bottle of Wine: Barefoot Brand- Chardonnay, Rose, or Red (Circle one)

Mom Shirt: Custom Mother's Day Shirt!

Flower Frame: 8 by 8 Shadow box with flowers shaped into a heart on the inside of the box with a cute quote on the outside of the box.

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